This is My Town (My First I Can Read!) by Mercer Mayer

This is My Town (My First I Can Read!) by Mercer Mayer 150 150 Reader Views Kids

This is My Town (My First I Can Read!)
Mercer Mayer
HarperCollins (2008)
ISBN 9780060835491
Reviewed by Cayden (age 4) and Max (age 2) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (1/09)


“This is My Town” by Mercer Mayer is part of the “I Can Read!” series of books for emergent readers.  In this book, we go along on a tour of Critterville with our guide Little Critter.  We visit familiar places like the post office, the bakery, the library, and the store.

Cayden:  “We have other books with that Critter in them.  We are learning to read in preschool and I know some words.  I know the word ‘this’ and it is in this book a lot.  I liked how they went to all of the places in the town.  I liked the pictures too.  They were funny!”

Max:  “I like the monster.  I like the school and the pictures.”

Parent’s comments:
“This is My Town,” by Mercer Mayer, is a great “I Can Read!” book.  The characters and setting are familiar to Mercer Mayer fans and the writing is very basic in order to help the beginning reader.  The illustrations are entertaining and my children had a lot of fun with the book!


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