“This is a Cat” by John P. Curtin, Jr.

“This is a Cat” by John P. Curtin, Jr. 386 499 Reader Views Kids

This is a Cat
John P. Curtin, Jr.
Brickyard Eagle Publishing (2018)
ISBN 9780996904483
Reviewed by Lydia Dehning (age 6) for Reader View Kids (9/19)

“This is a Cat” by John P. Curtin, Jr. is the story of a cat and the things he does throughout his days. This cat, named Mr. Huggle, likes to do lots of things. He has been with his owners since he was born as a kitten. Like me, he likes to eat a lot and eat yummy treats. Also like me, he likes to play and listen to music. Not like me, he likes to get into trouble and not share his things. Like me, he doesn’t like being really cold or really hot. He likes to travel to places but can get sick easily and badly. He is scared during thunderstorms, doesn’t like to exercise, likes to get petted, and really likes to sleep.

I liked reading about Mr. Huggle because I have two cats at my house, so I could understand what was said about him. I was able to see things that I do the same as a cat and what I do different. My cats act a lot like Mr. Huggle (sleeping a lot, playing with things on the floor, and liking to eat a lot). I liked the pictures in the book, they had pretty colors and Mr. Huggle was drawn well. I think kids of any age will like this book, especially ones who like cats.

A Note from Mom:

“This is a Cat” is a cute story about a cat and all the things that most cats like or don’t like doing in real life. I was impressed with the author’s biography about himself – being so young and this already being his sixth children’s book published, as well as the fact that he is self-disciplined and well-mannered as an eagle scout. This is a cute, simple story that should appeal to kids of most ages.   

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