There’s a Train Out for Dreamland By Fredrich H. Heider & Carl Kress

There’s a Train Out for Dreamland By Fredrich H. Heider & Carl Kress 150 150 Reader Views Kids

There’s a Train Out for Dreamland
Fredrich H. Heider & Carl Kress
HarperCollins (2010)
ISBN 9780060580216
Reviewed by Madison Schlarman (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (09/10)

All aboard the dreamland train!  This magical story is based on the original song “There’s a Train Out for Dreamland” and will take readers on an adventure of the imagination.  The train rides along the peppermint rail, puffs around the candy mountain, stops only at ice-cream stations and picks up crackerjack mail.  Driven by the conductor, an adorable chocolate brown bear, the train takes off through the skies.  Children meet the big white snowman, a singing mouse, and a funny-looking jelly bean giraffe!  All aboard for dream land it’s time to close your eyes and sail through the skies with the book has a theme that every child is sure to fall in love with!

Madison’s Thoughts:

“A choo-choo train, chuga-chuga choo-choo, rides on the rail road made of wood and candy!  Everything is made out of candy.  The train takes kids, drove by Chocolate Brown Bear.  The kids see snowman and a singing mouse, a house and a jelly bean looking funny giraffe. ‘Hop on board’ the choo-choo train.  Go to bed, sleep and close your eyes.  That’s how you get there.  I loved it!”

Moms Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this book!  “There’s a Train Out for Dreamland” is an adorable, sweet, and calm story that is perfect for bedtime!  The book puts your mind in a happy dreamland place and makes a calm, serene atmosphere for the reader.  The illustrations are vivid and beautifully done.  The wording of this book flowed easily for the reader.  Each page made you want to find out what was going to happen next!  The reader is sent through a dreamland that quite possibly the happiest of all!   I would definitely recommend this book for children ages 3-7.  If you have an advanced two-year-old, they might also enjoy it.

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