There’s a Babirusa in My Bathtub: Fact and Fancy About Curious Creatures
Maxine Rose Schur
Dawn Publications (2009)
ISBN 9781584691181
Reviewed by Madeline McElroy (age 8) for Reader Views (8/09)


This was a very exciting book, I learned a lot about animals I had never heard of before. My favorite was the dingo. A dingo is like a dog except it doesn’t bark, it howls. The weirdest animal was the Okapi (oh-ka-pee); it has a tongue long enough to clean its own ears! There is another one I liked called a kinkajou (King-kuh-joo); it loves to eat honey! Mmm! A kinkajou is a lot like a sloth except they are a little faster. The book says a kinkajou can also be a very nice pet! What?  My least favorite animal I learned about is the Tasmanian Devil.  They will eat anything dead or alive, even another Tasmanian Devil, ewe!

I think if I would let another child read this book, I bet they would learn a lot too.  I thought the artwork was pretty good. I liked the colors they used with the animals and their habitats.  “There’s a Babirusa in My Bathtub” is a very exciting book.

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