“Theo and a Horse Named Rocket” by W.H. Raymond

“Theo and a Horse Named Rocket” by W.H. Raymond 150 150 Reader Views Kids


W.H. Raymond
Archway Publishing (2016)
ISBN 9781480825482
Reviewed by Chris Kyle (age 16) for Reader Views (11/16)

In “Theo and a Horse Named Rocket” by W.H. Raymond, the author’s main point was to teach about living and even possibly life’s lessons, through the experiences of Theo and Rocket. Theo was presented with many bumps in the road and still conquered them by getting assistance from others while trying to find his passions in life.

The author’s great writing style included imagery and made me feel like I was a serious part of Theo’s life. She did very well in carrying out the purpose of the publication and writes great. The book is generally for young adults ages 13 up as it presents good life experiences and shows someone going through a struggle and dealing with it. Horse lovers will love the cover as I enjoyed examining it because it is an eventful novel cover. I’m glad I didn’t judge the book by the cover like people might do, thinking it’s just a story about a horse and not about the life of Theo.

I can relate to this topic from my personal experiences and finding my own passions. I enjoyed the book and it wasn’t the genre that I generally read. Even through the trials and tribulations that Theo faced, he still came out strong with a support group and a wonderful horse. My recommendation would be to try not to present so many characters or use such large print in future novels.

I honestly enjoyed the storyline and my favorite part was when Theo went through his tragedy and still came out intact and together as a person, which is the type of person I would look up to. W.H. Raymond provides a heart wrenching and thrilling viewpoint in “Theo and a Horse Named Rocket.” I would enjoy reading her future novels, as I couldn’t seem to put this one down! “Theo and a Horse Named Rocket” was eventful and adventurous and I would definitely recommend this novel to anyone!

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