The Yoga Zoo Adventure: Animal Poses and Games for Little Kids (SmartFun Activity Books)
Helen Purperhart
Hunter House (2008)
ISBN 9780897935050
Reviewed by Cayden (age 4) and Max (age 2) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (9/08)

“The Yoga Zoo Adventure” is filled with yoga poses and fun games for young children.  The book begins by giving a brief history of yoga and then goes on to explain why yoga is beneficial to young children.  “In essence, yoga is concerned with stilling your thought, which begins with simple forms of self-discipline and self-control.” (p.3)   Each one of the 106 activities in the book has easy-to-follow, detailed instructions.  Following the activities there is a section on animal fables and another section that gives facts about the animals in the book.

After we went through the entire book here is what my children had to say:

Cayden:   “I liked acting like all different kinds of animals!  My favorite was when we were pretending to be giraffes looking for leaves way up high in the trees!  I liked the wheelbarrow and zookeeper game too!  It was fun when you (mom) did the animal poses and games too!  I liked the stories and when we read the things about the animals that we were being.”

Max:  “Fun!  Liked frog!  Hop, hop!  Snake and tiger too!”

Parent’s comments:
My children and I really enjoyed this book!  Even though on the cover it says it is for ages 3-7, Max, at 2, had a lot of fun with the poses and games as well.  His coordination just isn’t there for some of the activities but he still had a great time trying!  I also loved the fables and facts at the end of the book; not only were my children exercising but they were learning as well!  All of the activities were appealing to my children and “The Yoga Zoo Adventure” by Helen Purperhart will definitely be a book that we will use over and over again!

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