“The Write Way to Get a Girlfriend” by Alfred R. Taylor

“The Write Way to Get a Girlfriend” by Alfred R. Taylor 166 265 Reader Views Kids

The Write Way To Get A Girlfriend

Alfred R. Taylor
Independently Published (2015)
ISBN: 978-1482355925
Reviewed by Diana Coyle for Reader Views (08/2022)

In Alfred Taylor’s, “The Write Way To Get A Girlfriend,” readers are introduced to Juan and fellow high schoolers as we get a firsthand glimpse into their daily lives. When Juan is made fun of in class because of his poorly written essay, he enters the school’s essay contest to prove he isn’t stupid. That is, with plenty of help from his new girlfriend and now tutor, Kirsten. Kirsten not only helps Juan write better, but their relationship blossoms in the process as they spend more time together.

I have to say I loved Mr. Taylor’s approach and the way he taught his readers not only English lessons but also such topics like politics, relationships, teen drinking and driving, and even how to properly apply for a job. The author’s delivery is fresh and appealing, writing his novel as if he was teaching a class of high school students. I’ve honestly never read a book so creatively written. With each chapter, I felt as if I was back in high school taking classes again. Taylor writes in a fun and clever way without being boring or preachy to his readers.

Because of the creative writing style, I feel this would make an excellent novel assigned to high schoolers. Not only will they learn true life topics but also there is also the engaging story throughout that gives his readers an inside look at teen life—the good and the bad—that each of us have gone through, if we’re older readers, and will help a younger reader if they’re presently in high school.

I also enjoyed watching the development of all the characters and how each one learned a lesson or two along the way. I felt I was back in high school again and wished I could have had a book like this to read to have given me pointers when I needed some guidance along the way. High schoolers will completely relate to this novel and will learn some valuable pointers such as how to apply for a job, how to learn to understand present day politics, what it means to respect someone and be respected in return, and even some social points as well.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed “The Write Way to Get a Girlfriend” by Alfred Taylor and I feel teachers would benefit from adding this as a mandatory read in their classes. It not only reaches teenagers in a fresh, approachable way, but I feel they’ll enjoy the trials and tribulations each character goes through because it may mirror their own lives at one point or another. I highly recommend this book to teenagers and even adults because it’s an overall fun novel to read. Well done, Mr. Taylor! 

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