“The Wonderful Friendship” by David Swindell

“The Wonderful Friendship” by David Swindell 175 262 Reader Views Kids

The Wonderful Friendship

David Swindell
Christian Faith (2022)
ISBN: 978-1685701918
Reviewed by Leigh Kimberly Zoby for Reader Views (05/2023)

“The Wonderful Friendship” by David Swindell is a heartfelt tale about a young farm boy from Michigan that befriends a bear and discovers a world of wonder-filled adventure and the giving nature of the human spirit. After a long winter of hibernation, Bear emerges from his cave famished. Being wary of humans, Bear travels closely along the waterway and becomes snared in an inhumane animal trap. Floppy, a forest rabbit, hears Bear’s desperate cry for help and rushes to find the farmer’s son Davie trying to free Bear. Davie has a special gift when it comes to animals and gains Bear’s trust, bringing him back to the barn to rest and regain his strength with Floppy’s assistance. News of Davie’s selfless act of kindness and bravery spreads fast from his small town to national radio and tv shows. When a television crew films Davie and Bear playing hide and seek in a field, fans flock to the farm for a glimpse of the famous pair. But not everyone has good intentions. We find this out when a mischievous Circus van is seen stalking the town, and Bear is nowhere to be found. 

“The Wonderful Friendship” by David Swindell is the perfect book to cozy up with a warm blanket on a stormy day. The writing style is rhythmic and comforting, invoking a nostalgic feeling reminiscent of a bedtime story told by a loving grandparent while gently being rocked to sleep. The characters are honest, hardworking stewards of the land and God’s creations. As I read Mr. Swindell’s story, I began highlighting and taking notes on the many life lessons and the wise advice I found within. I was moved by the motherly Ida May’s advice on parenting when she said, “Just love your children with your whole heart and make them feel special and wanted.”  I enjoyed reading the post-chapter author notes on what we should learn from what has been read. It is in these sections the author reinforces takeaway lessons to be expanded upon within his story that teach about fear, insecurity, positive influences, and confidence. “The Wonderful Friendship” is a beautiful story full of hope, kindness, and life lessons to be cherished by adults and children alike.

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