“The Witchfinder’s Serpent” by Rande Goodwin

“The Witchfinder’s Serpent” by Rande Goodwin 678 1024 Reader Views Kids

The Witchfinder’s Serpent

Rande Goodwin
Greenleaf Book Group Press (2023)
ISBN:  979-8886450903
Reviewed by Ephantus M for Reader Views (09/2023)

Rande Goodwin’s “The Witchfinder’s Serpent” engages elements of historical facts to tell an intriguing mystery of two brothers who are confronted by a dreadful enemy. This hostile force uses horrid magic to get back his valuable magical antique which found an accidental place with the brothers. 

Nate Watson and his younger brother, Marc, have been informed of their late father’s will to have Aunt Celia take them with her after his long battle with cancer. Their father’s death has seen them passed from home to home for several weeks as family acquaintances pitched in to put roofs over their heads until permanent arrangements could be made. Exploring Aunt Celia’s huge house is mesmerizing to the duo but a door that she has warned them to never open constantly piques their curiosity. Knowing Celia will stay out late one particular night, Nate leads his brother into the room where the two curious souls find themselves staring at wizardly items, and before they can fully grasp what this means about their aunt, a serpentine object comes to life, wrapping itself around Nate’s right forearm.

Early into this charming read where the sweet combines with the scary for the utmost thrill, Rande Goodwin will awaken your interest with suggestions of what may be lying beyond the forbidden chamber. The special bond between Marc and Nate is very inspiring, and readers will find their backstory to evoke deep empathy for the duo. The sad event leading to their mother’s death when they were very young is disheartening and from it, one can deduce that a gloomy mood has been hanging in their hearts for a long time.

Readers will encounter cryptic details regarding famous witches who were massacred, individuals who made pacts with demons for the attainment of incredible mystical powers, as well as opportunists who sought money and social standing at the expense of others’ well-being. Dark beings will send heartbeats into overdrive, and their horrific growls will elicit a wonder about what else could possibly go wrong.

The town of Windsor, Connecticut, where Rande Goodwin grew up offers a fascinating site for his tale. He says,

As the home of America’s first witch-hanging victim, the setting is perfectly ripe with possibilities.

He is a debuting author who has the utmost respect for Alse Young and her family, whom he believes and maintains were innocent victims of the times. Rande Goodwin’s book, “The Witchfinder’s Serpent” is a beguiling teen and young adult fantasy read whose quick pace sets the mood for an addicting ride!

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