“The Tukor’s Journey” by Jeannine Kellogg

“The Tukor’s Journey” by Jeannine Kellogg 364 499 Reader Views Kids

The Tukor’s Journey

Jeannine Kellogg
Jagged Compass LLC (2018)
ISBN 9780999571408
Reviewed by Ashley (age 10) for Reader Views Kids (1/19)

“The Tukor’s Journey” by Jeannine Kellogg is an exciting action and adventure book about three kids, Mitch, Tony and their younger sister Jovi, who are trying to save Earth from the Grezniks.  The Grezniks are disgusting, slimy creatures that want to destroy the world by blowing up the planet.

When the Bosonataski-Fishengardets (that’s the family’s last name!) move to the country and live on a farm, the kids meet a strange old man – whose name is Old Man. Old Man is weird at first and there are a lot of scary stories being spread about him in town, but soon he and the kids work together to take on their mission. He tells the kids of the Tukors and their responsibility to save the world from the Grezniks. Old Man is a Tukor and creates wild machines to help the kids on their journey. This was such a fun part of the story.  It was easy to imagine the kids on these machines, traveling all over the world and also escaping a few close calls.  I like that each of the kids had different things they were good at making each one important to their mission.

At the same time, the Grezniks were on their own mission.  They believe the secret to destroying the Earth comes from some blue stones and they spend centuries searching for their treasure. They are such strange creatures! One Greznik has seven legs instead of five and he is picked on throughout the story by the other Grezniks. This Greznik works hard to get the others to like him but nothing he can do will make that happen.  I felt kind of bad for this guy during the whole time because it’s not very fun to be teased and bullied, but he could also be very mean himself.

This seems like two stories at once and it is, but as you keep reading the Tukor’s and the Greznik’s stories come together for an exciting adventure.  All the different scenes fill the book with color, and I like how the author made it seem like the world is just going to pop off the pages. The last section of the book is full of action and there is no telling who is going to win.

I loved all the characters because they were all so different, but my favorite is Jovi, because she’s the youngest and being a girl, and was so important to the mission.  Even though she was scared at times, she didn’t shy away from the things that needed to be done.

“The Tukor’s Journey” by Jeannine Kellogg is a very long book but the action and adventure are so full of excitement and it’s so unusual that it doesn’t take a long time to read.  The ending was so exciting and scary, I can’t wait for the journey to continue.  I am really glad I read this book and recommend it to kids from about age 10 and older.  It’s a fun story that both girls and boys will enjoy.

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