“The Tufts: Thunderbolt” by Tanya Ellen

“The Tufts: Thunderbolt” by Tanya Ellen 418 522 Reader Views Kids

The Tufts Thunderbolt – Disaster Survival Series

Tanya Ellen (author) Shannon Brocas (illustrator)
uLand Incorporated (2024)
ISBN: 978-0645797275
Reviewed by the Barefoot Librarian www.barefootlibrarian.com for Reader Views Kids

Using an entertaining story to deliver a message to children has proven to be a successful teaching tool. This author has taken advantage of this in her whimsical fantasy story, The Tufts Thunderbolt. It takes place on the enchanted Donut Island, inhabited by unusual but loveable creatures called Tufts, their nemeses, the Fizzle Wizzles, and a mini helper called a Tuffet.

Aura told her friends Aloe and Thon that she had planned an adventure for them – a picnic where they were not taking any food! She was surprising her friends by taking them to Cream Cove where she had heard there was magical food. After the picnic, the friends were relaxing together when they heard the BOOM BANG ROAR. It was the Fizzle Wizzles who were trying to destroy Donut Island, creating thunder and lightning to scare the Tufts. The Tufts knew they were in peril from the lightning. They tried to escape by riding their bikes up to the hilltop but realized this was not safe.  Then a magical creature called a Truffet appeared and showed them what to do – crouch down low with only their feet touching the ground, tuck their heads, and cover their ears.

The illustrations are fanciful and fun. The illustrator has creatively conjured up fantastical characters for the book. The background is a typical type of forest, green and lush. But starkly contrasting this are the vibrant neon colors of the quirky little Tufts, their bikes, and some of the vegetation.

The end matter is extensive and impressive. The author lists the dos and don’ts of lightning rules, whether you are inside or outside. This includes the 30-second rule used to determine the proximity of the lightning. There is also a flow chart with pictures and captions to help children understand the rules.

People around the world face natural disasters. They are scary, but if you are taught how to protect yourself and those around you, they become less frightening. So, it is a good idea to start teaching children what to do at the earliest appropriate age. The Tufts Thunderbolt is an engaging way for parents to teach children what to do in a thunderstorm.  The book is quite informative, providing life-saving information while keeping children entertained.

Although the book contains numerous illustrations, it is longer and has more words per page than an average picture book. This, and some of the content, makes it more appropriate for audiences around five years and above.

This book is part of the Disaster Survival Series, which also includes books about hurricanes and flooding. https://disastersurvivalcoach.com/books/

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