“The Tower” by E. Webb

“The Tower” by E. Webb 672 1024 Reader Views Kids

The Tower 

E. Webb
Independently Published (2023)
ISBN: 979-8988754619
Reviewed by Michaela Gordoni for Reader Views (11/2023)

Ena Novak has watched the tower glow her whole life. Her curiosity about the tall spire and its mysterious magic never ceases, even when her controlling mother, Makja, scolds her about its dangers. But she has good reason to warn Ena about the tower. Everyone that goes inside of it either disappears forever or comes back with no memory. Makja should know—the latter happened to her. So begins “The Tower: Legend of the Heartstone” by E. Webb.

When Makja’s plan for Ena comes to light, Ena realizes she must leave home. Her best friend Karlo (who is in love with Ena) suggests a plan to evade Makja, but Karlo’s plan is hardly better than Makja’s. Ena meets a mysterious woman, Vila, and decides to risk entering the tower. She finds a whole life on the other side. But she’ll soon realize that with an evil warlock after her, it won’t be much better than the one she left behind.

Many aspects of this novel are very impressive. It is well-written and thoroughly entertaining. It starts with Ena as a young girl and then skips forward to when she is fifteen. Ena has a handful of love interests, and there is a lot of magic and spellcasting, as one might expect from a fantasy novel. One of the best things about this book is that it starts mildly but amps up in intensity in the last quarter of the book. It doesn’t seem like a story where any of the characters will die, especially those close to the protagonist. But that’s what happens. Ena’s world eventually becomes rife with danger and loss, and it takes the reader on an unexpected (but exciting) loop. Each chapter also comes with a small drawing, and they are much appreciated.

“The Tower” by E. Webb is a five-star read for sure. It has been perfectly crafted for young adult readers.  It’s intriguing, occasionally thrilling, and ultimately very unexpected. Author E. Webb places a lot of unanswered questions in this book, which leads perfectly to a sequel. Without giving it away, some of these questions have to do with Ena’s three handsome love interests, her controlling mother, an unknown father, and a compelling quest that absolutely must be made. Here’s hoping that the second book comes quickly and is as good as its predecessor.

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