“The Toad Who Loved Tea” by Faiz Kermani

“The Toad Who Loved Tea” by Faiz Kermani 324 500 Reader Views Kids


Faiz Kermani
Troubador Publishing Ltd. (2017)
ISBN 9781788039970
Reviewed by Sarina (age 4), Eliana (age 6) and Mom for Reader Views Kids (6/18)

My kids and I enjoyed reading “The Toad Who Loved Tea” by Faiz Kermani, a cute adventure about a toad named Tungtang who was not at all like other toads.

Tungtang loved adventure while all the other toads enjoyed sitting in the pond. She would come back with fantastic stories of her adventures until one day a crow laughed at Tungtang and said her stories were boring. The crow said, “To have a real adventure you would need to travel to where no one has traveled before, the town.” Tungtang was not sure what she should do, until the eldest toad told her of a prophecy that was predicted by Dustysox the Great. A toad would travel far and achieve human fame and glory. So Tungtang set off on her journey. After several weeks of travel, she finally made it to the town. Tungtang ventures into a tea shop and that is where she discovers she loves tea. The owners are having a hard time running the shop until they find who has been drinking their tea and making messes in their tea shop. Who would have thought a toad was exactly what they needed to save their shop?

“The Toad Who Loved Tea” by Faiz Kermani is creative and well written and has many colorful illustrations and silly rhymes throughout the book. This is a great story for early readers as my daughter Eliana could read along with me. Both girls loved the book and thought all the trouble Tungtang got into around the tea shop was very funny. They especially like the part where she became a tea tester and got to sit on a throne with a crown, in front of all the people who would travel from all over the world to come see the tea tasting toad.

The illustrations in the story allowed for the reader to envision all Tungtang’s adventures she had going into town and her experiences in the tea shop.

We highly recommend “The Toad Who Loved Tea” by Faiz Kermani as a great early reader book, and a soon to be family favorite.

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