The Time-for-bed Angel by Ronica Stromberg

The Time-for-bed Angel by Ronica Stromberg 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The Time-for-bed Angel
Ronica Stromberg
Lion Children’s Books (2008)
ISBN 9780825478154
Reviewed by Cayden (age 4.5) and Max (age 2.5) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (3/09)


“The Time-for-bed Angel” is about a guardian angel, Sam, who watches over a very mischievous little boy named Andrew.  For every mess that Andrew makes, Sam is right behind him to sort everything out.

Cayden:  “This book was funny!  That boy did some pretty naughty things.  Some of that stuff Max and I do!  Like Max always squeezes out the toothpaste and I always put all my animals in order on my bed.  That angel must be really tired to run around after him!  I liked the pictures of all of the things the boy did.”

Max:  “I look for my bear before bed like the boy did.  He has a bear like mine.  I squeeze toothpaste on the counter, not on the floor.  I liked when he blew bubbles in his milk.”

Parent’s comments:
My boys could completely relate to “The Time-for-bed Angel.”  As they stated, most of the things that Andrew did in the book they themselves do as well.  The illustrations in the book were great and really fun to look at.  “The Time-for-bed Angel” by Ronica Stromberg is a wonderful bedtime story!

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