“The Tao of Sudoku” by Cristina Smith

“The Tao of Sudoku” by Cristina Smith 150 150 Reader Views Kids

thetaoofsudokoTHE TAO OF SUDOKU

Cristina Smith
CreateSpace (2016)
ISBN 9781536916355
Reviewed by Chris Kyle (age 16) for Reader Views (12/16)

“The Tao of Sudoku” by Cristina Smith is a wonderful book with many life lessons spread throughout the book listed under the Sudoku puzzles, along with quotes and fascinating facts and “how-to’s” spread periodically throughout the novel. The author’s main point is to present challenging puzzles by having to use your mind, games that sharpen the mind as well as the brain as Sudoku is yoga for the brain. I think the author was successful in carrying out the purpose of the publication. It is a well-rounded book that includes 100 challenging puzzles, while helping your health, and having fun at the same time.

The writing in the book that I did observe whilst doing the first few puzzles was very energetic and I read the excerpts whilst doing most of the puzzles and enjoyed the puzzles and writing for the most part. “The Tao of Sudoku” was definitely an enjoyable book as well as playful in the sense the puzzles played a part in my enjoyment, and this has been my first actual puzzle book with commentary as well. If you do decide to buy this book or even borrow it from someone else, there is a helpful guide in the back where the answers are located if you get stumped, like me.

The book is generally for anyone who enjoys puzzles and challenges for ages 14 and up. My recommendation would be to provide more explanation in the beginning. As well, the material of the book is already ripping apart and that cannot be good for publication. My favorite part in the book is when Cristina elaborated with puzzle pointers on page 92. I also liked the various images and quotes scattered throughout.

I enjoyed this puzzling adventure. I cannot wait to finish the puzzles and possibly get more of Smith’s books, along with other Sudoku books. “The Tao of Sudoku” by Cristina Smith definitely created a love in my body for Sudoku and the mind.

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