“The Tails/Tales of Fin and Fang: Bare/Bear Trouble” by Kat Morris

“The Tails/Tales of Fin and Fang: Bare/Bear Trouble” by Kat Morris 791 1024 Reader Views Kids

The Tails/Tales of Fin and Fang: Bare/Bear Trouble

Kat Morris
Lulu Publishing Services (2019)
ISBN: 978-1483499673
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (11/2023)

Homophones are those words that sound the same and yet have different spellings and often entirely different meanings.  Words like tail and tale, or bare and bear, to words that are embraced in the vary/very title of this book.  Despite making this a humorous encounter with these words, and a fun way to learn the appropriate meanings, the struggle with homophones remains very real to many. 

Author Kat Morris was a special education teacher.  Struggling to teach homophones, she created the Fin and Fang series as a way to help both teachers and parents.  Derived from yin and yang, Morris created twin fox brothers to help in her teaching journey by reading their tales.

Yin is the dark and passive portion of the symbol, portrayed by Fin in this book.  Yang is the bright and active part of the symbol, portrayed by the mischievous Fang in this book.  Fin and Fang live in a den on the edge of the farmer’s field and the forest with their mother.  Waking every morning to the sound of a rooster, Fin rises early for his mother’s breakfast.  Fang, slower and larger than Fin, eventually makes it upstairs before setting off for their chores.  Fang is the trickster, coming up with pranks to play on bear under the bare red oak tree.  But the prank soon becomes real as the brothers are forced to work together to protect their friends.

With italicized words matching the glossary at the end, to the tips and tricks to remembering the spelling and meaning of homophone words, Morris has thought of it all.  From inviting readers to highlight the various words with different colors throughout, to encouraging parents to create acronyms and rhymes with their kids for helpful learning and usage, Morris’ skill at teaching and creating a participatory environment are on full display throughout her book.  Her characters, Fin and Fang, are fun, different, and relatable.  Using blue and green eyes, big and small size, readers can delineate between the two brothers while following along with their antics. 

This fun story helps inject a bit of learning into a fun and exciting story.

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