The Student from Zombie Island: Conquering the Rumor Monster
Michael J. Moorehead
Little Five Star (2007)
ISBN 9781589850729
Reviewed by Brianne Plach (age 10) For Reader Views (1/08)

Have you ever had a new kid in your school? Do wonder what the person would be like?

Sometimes your imagination can run away with you. Bust ‘em up Bill might have the same ideas as you? Some people might say this guy is…. troublemaker or a thief. Do you sometimes believe them? The book seems so realistic. Imagine bringing live bees to study spelling and putting whoopee cushions with chocolate pudding on other peoples’ chairs! Most of the time, the kid isn’t as bad as they say he is. Busting up your classmates can sometimes mean more than just beating up on their classmates.

Michael J. Moorehead has written a very entertaining book which will entertain children of all ages. This will be a delight to the kids who have a new kid in their class, or are a new kid in a class. Adjusting to being new in a school can sometimes be hard, but if you enter laughing and have a good attitude, there is nothing you can’t do and you will soon find some new friends.

Jumping to conclusions without finding out the facts is never a good idea. The concept of “The Student from ZombieIsland: Conquering the Rumor Monster” comes across in a smooth way and humorous pictures. I would love to read more books about the student from ZombieIsland and his adventures at his new school!

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