The Snowball Effect By Holly Nicole Hoxter

The Snowball Effect By Holly Nicole Hoxter 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The Snowball Effect
Holly Nicole Hoxter
HarperTeen (2010)
ISBN 9780061755712
Reviewed by Hilary Krajawski (age 16) for Reader Views (08/10)

“The Snowball Effect” by Holly Nicole Hoxter was a great novel. I enjoyed reading it so much that I had to finish it all in one sitting.  The story was very intense and sad, but somehow the author was able to create several funny moments throughout the book. It was emotional, hilarious, and touching. Another aspect of the book that I enjoyed a lot was Hoxter’s writing. The author seems to really know what works with her audience because I felt like I knew the characters and nothing seemed too abrupt or like it didn’t fit.  It all just worked well together and everything flowed beautifully.

Overall, “The Snowball Effect” was a really fantastic book.  I enjoyed everything about it. The characters were relatable, despite the intense circumstances they were in. The writing was flawlessly done. The story was sad, funny, moving, and memorable. And most importantly, it was entertaining.  This is the kind of book I could read multiple times, as well as something I could pass on to my friends.  Young adult readers who have read and enjoyed books like those written by Sarah Dessen would enjoy this as well.  I recommend “The Snowball Effect.”

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