The Sick Bug by Susie Bazil

The Sick Bug by Susie Bazil 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The Sick Bug
Susie Bazil
Beaver’s Pond Press (2008)
ISBN 9781592982431
Reviewed by Cayden (age 4) and Max (age 2) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (10/08)


“The Sick Bug” is about a little girl who has a tummy ache and a headache.  Her mother tells her that she “must have a bug!”  The girl is alarmed and begins looking under her covers and feeling her head trying to find the bug.  Her mother explains what a sick bug is and how there are many different kinds.  She tells the girl to “drink lots of liquids and get lots of rest” and then the sick bug will go away.

Cayden:  “I get tummy aches sometimes too!  I wonder if there is a bug in my tummy when that happens.”

Cayden:  “The girl is really scared that the bug is in bed with her!  I wonder if it is the green bug from the cover of the book.”

Max:  “Funny bugs!”

Cayden:  “Look at all of those different bugs!  They have a lot of eyes and those are wearing ties!  Eyes, ties, I think that rhymes!  Those are some weird looking bugs!”

Max:  “Go home bug!”

Cayden:  “The girl has to drink a lot and sleep a lot and then the bug will go back to where he came from and the girl will feel better.”

Cayden:  “I liked the pictures in the book.  They were very funny!  Max and I laughed a lot!  It was a good story.  I liked that there was so many rhymes in the book.  I like words that rhyme.  Next time I am sick I will drink lots of water and take naps so the bug goes away.”

Parent’s comments:
“The Sick Bug” was an extremely humorous and engaging book.  The words and illustrations had my children laughing out loud!  I, as well as my children, really enjoyed the storyline and thought that it was creative, unique, and entertaining.  Cayden is very interested in rhyming words right now and he really appreciated that aspect of the story.

“The Sick Bug” by Susie Bazil is a story that everyone can relate to as we have all been a little under the weather at one time or another.  Not only was the book enjoyable to read, but it also taught children the lesson of how to make that sick bug “give up and return to his home” through drinking plenty of fluids and getting the needed rest.  We highly recommend this fun book!

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