“The Seasons of a Giant” by Pamela Hartley

“The Seasons of a Giant” by Pamela Hartley 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Pamela Hartley
CreateSpace (2017)
ISBN 9781542385831
Reviewed by Marten Weldon (age 12) for Reader Views (7/17)

“The Seasons of a Giant” by Pamela Hartley is a book about 13-year-old Izzy, who chased a Giant she thought was eating her family’s cows. She followed him into the siloport and was teleported into the land of the Giants. Her people, the Groundlings, thought all the Giants were blood-thirsty pillagers and child-gobblers, so she was terrified when she realized what had occurred. Would she be eaten like all the other children that disappeared before her? Would she ever get home?

My favorite character was the Temperate Giant Boone. Boone admitted to stealing cows and belongings from the Groundlings, but his reasons for doing so were not at all what the Groundlings thought. He didn’t always know how the stolen items should be used. For example, he used a toilet bowl as a mixing bowl for chocolate brownies and other food! Boone always wanted to do right, so it was a good thing that he was the first Giant that Izzy met. Not all Giants were like Boone!

While Izzy was trying to figure out how to get home, her parents alerted the government about her kidnapping. Unfortunately, they alerted the wrong people. Dynamite-loving Colonel Fletcher was deathly afraid of Giants and far more concerned about making sure that no more Giants could get to their world than he was about saving one little girl.

This book had a pretty strong message, “Never give up, never give in!” Izzy was pretty tough but also scared, so she frequently had to remind herself to not give up or give in.

Parts of the book were a hard to read because the Giants’ speech pattern was a little confusing, but overall, “The Seasons of a Giant” by Pamela Hartley was a fun, entertaining read that I would recommend to people who like fantasy. I think this book would be best for kids aged about eight to twelve years old.

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