The Schoolboy by Tony Rosa

The Schoolboy by Tony Rosa 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The Schoolboy
Tony Rosa
iUniverse Star (2008)
ISBN 9781605280028
Reviewed by Dylan James (age 12) for Reader Views (1/09)


In “The Schoolboy” by Tony Rosa, Sam struggled with the request for a moment. He had golfed one time in his life, and now his mother wanted him to enter a boring old golf tournament called The Schoolboy. But then his mother used her ace in the hole, “For me?” Sam couldn’t refuse something point blank like that, so he packed his stuff and off to the tournament he went. Off to his group of golfers:  one lied and cursed profusely, one smoked and beat up kids, one was rich and neutral, and then Sam was struggling again with this whole golf thing.

What will happen? Imagine for a second that you are in a sports tournament with smoking bullies, cheating liars, and peacemaking rich kids. What could that sport possibly be? It couldn’t be a golf tournament, could it? In “The Schoolboy” by Tony Rosa, he takes a regular golf tournament called The Schoolboy and creates wonders. He creates a culture in this tournament, a culture that you’re going to read and walk away from thinking “Wow! I had never thought of the moral questions that guy had to go through.”

The writing was like a spider web, joining every little detail with something that you should remember and look for. This was definitely written for boys, and although the material is fine for age 9+, age 12 and older will enjoy this more because they can understand more of the moral questions and issues the main character faces. This book could be better if there was more of a conflict between the main character and the bully from the start. Then it would have built up to the climax. “The Schoolboy” by Tony Rosa was a fascinating read, and I do hope others will like it, too.

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