“The Red Texts Club” by Andrea VanRyken

“The Red Texts Club” by Andrea VanRyken 683 1024 Reader Views Kids

The Red Texts Club

Andrea VanRyken
Twisted Key Publishing, LLC (2023)
ISBN: 978-1639110780
Reviewed by Diana Coyle for Reader Views (12/2023)

In “The Red Texts Club” by Andrea VanRyken we are introduced to three main teenage characters Benny, Kirsten, and Liam. Benny loves solving puzzles, Kirsten loves to game and is very methodical in her thought process, and Liam is a handsome school football player. Each is very different, but all three work well together, especially when they are faced with a crazy situation. All of them are receiving anonymous texts stating that others are in need of desperate help. The teenagers aren’t sure what’s going on or even who, exactly, is sending these messages, but they are all taking them very seriously.

When they start piecing information together, they are surprised to find out that it is Marilyn, an appointed guide, who is sending these cryptic texts and who is calling upon them to save the lives of other kids who have been thrust into an alternate realm in which they can’t escape to return home. She prepares Benny, Kirsten, and Liam to face off with Evie, a sinister girl who is pulling kids into this alternate realm in which they are living in limbo. If they can’t stop Evie by working together and fighting her, eventually she will start pulling everyone from Earth into the void and Earth will disappear for good. Do the three teenagers eventually defeat Evie? Are they able to save all the kids who are in this alternate realm?

My first thought about this book, when I read the blurb, was that it sounded intriguing and mysterious. I loved the idea of three teenagers coming together, from all different skill sets, and working eventually as a team to try and save all the kids who were abducted by sinister Evie. Ms. VanRyken created believable characters that her readers can’t help but fall in love with. These teenagers all came from different backgrounds and were called upon by their guide, Marilyn, to help fight off evil Evie, who was abducting kids with the ultimate desire to eradicate planet Earth and rule over these humans.

It took the teenagers a bit to understand why they were chosen and exactly what they needed to do to defeat Evie, which by no means would be an easy task for anyone to achieve. I loved how they came together and started working as a team to see how they could defeat Evie and free the kids in the alternate realm.

As for the storyline, I can’t rave enough about how intricately involved it was and how Ms. VanRyken created an alternate realm where those poor kids were held captive. Her details of what the alternate realm looked like quickly pulled me in and made me feel as if I was stuck there with the other kids. I found my heart racing and pounding in my chest in fear of whether Benny, Kirsten, and Liam were going to be able to save everyone or if the kids were going to live in this void forever, never returning to their loved ones again.

Overall, I found this book entertaining, and intriguing, and it had me guessing what each of the messages meant that were being sent to the teenagers. I was trying to solve the puzzles right along with Benny, Kirsten, and Liam. I was hoping that all the kids could be saved and returned home safely to their families. This is marked as a children’s Science Fiction novel geared for kids aged 9-12. I think this book fits that age range perfectly, although I have to mention I am an adult reviewer, and I absolutely loved this book! I highly recommend it!

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