“The Railroad Adventures of Chen Sing” by George Chiang

“The Railroad Adventures of Chen Sing” by George Chiang 150 150 Reader Views Kids


George Chiang
FriesenPress (2017)
ISBN 9781460299401
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 9) for Reader Views (04/17)

“The Railroad Adventures of Chen Sing” by George Chiang, is a story of a boy named Chen Sing who lived in a farming village in China. He had lost both parents and now lived with his older brother and a younger sister. The family was very poor and had to work hard to survive. One day a big storm went through and flooded the village, and everything that they had was gone. Chen Sing’s older cousin, Bo, was leaving the village to find a job to help his family. Chen Sing wanted to go with Bo, so he left his siblings and promised to send money and help them. It was a long way, but when they left, the adventure had just started for both.

Meet Chen Sing and his cousin Bo and experience these exciting adventures with them as they go through much trouble to get the right job, encounter fear, bad weather, and finally, hard work as they helped build the transcontinental railway through the Rocky Mountains.

I enjoyed “The Railroad Adventures of Chen Sing” by George Chiang very much. It has a great message of how a young boy had to be brave with such a great loss at such a young age and had the strength to work so hard to survive and help his older brother and younger sister. I loved the pictures, and the writing and how in a short story you will find so much entertainment. I think this adventure will be both enjoyed by younger and older readers.

A Note From Mom:

What I found in “The Railroad Adventures of Chen Sing” by George Chiang is the message of truth of how many kids go through so much and must become adults quickly in order to survive. Chen Sing was very brave and had the strength to fight for what he wanted; all while encountering great obstacles and never giving up. This is a great lesson to reinforce to my daughter the value of being perseverant and appreciative of all that she has.

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