“The Princess, The Knight, and The Lost God: A Chess Story” by Victoria Winifred

“The Princess, The Knight, and The Lost God: A Chess Story” by Victoria Winifred 175 263 Reader Views Kids

The Princess, The Knight, and The Lost God: A Chess Story

Victoria Winifred
The Enrichment Connection (2022)
ISBN: 979-8986967509
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (12/2022)

“The Princess, The Knight, and The Lost God: A Chess Story” is a children’s fantasy & magic book by the accredited chess coach and Author Victoria Winifred.

The bursting vigor and energy this particular morning brightened up Chess Mountain, where Princess Kassie’s family resides. As she strides down the mountain, she knows today is not any ordinary day. Born in a family of gods, Kassie is lucky. Her father, Mars, the god of war, and her mother Caïssa, the queen goddess of chess, cannot wait for their adorable princess to get her deity title. She has to, however, complete a successful mission of helping someone acquire better skills at the chess game or improve their lives differently altogether. It’s a huge task for the jovial princess, but the thought of acquiring her title is fascinating enough to keep her going. 

Unusual noises and quarrels from little King Eddie and Scot catch Kassie’s attention. The two never seem to have a good chess game without arguing over moves. She delights in coaching them, but today her greatest anticipation is to get a birthday surprise from her father and be able to once again beat Dimitri in a chess contest. However, an unusual number of soldiers surrounding the mountain and rather disturbing news from a distressed King are about to knock her out of her fantasy world and bring a twist to the course of life and the environment she is so used to.

Once again Victoria Winifred has hit a milestone with a children’s fiction masterpiece that comes in handy for aspiring chess players as well as existing ones. With its enthralling characters and stirring plotline, this five-star book is bound to invigorate any child’s brain into imagining possibilities and overcoming obstacles that seem defiant in their lives. It is so adeptly written with dexterity and prowess making it a must-buy resource book that encourages love and interest in the game of chess. The language employed is relaxed and simple, with engaging imagery that will capture the mind of young ones. Victoria’s skill in magical storytelling, chess mythology, and analogies is golden and stands appreciated and valued.

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