“The Painter’s Butterfly” by Rebecca Weber

“The Painter’s Butterfly” by Rebecca Weber 647 1000 Reader Views Kids

The Painter’s Butterfly 

Rebecca Weber
Kinkajou Press (2023)
ISBN: 978-1951122461
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (08/2023)

“The Painter’s Butterfly” by Rebecca Weber is an engrossing, entertaining fantasy novel that blends heart and home. With art being a major theme of the book, the author tells the enchanting story of a young foster child who finds an easel that has the magical power to bring paintings to life. But there is more to the story as the main character, Nova, learns lessons about what home and family really mean.

Nova is twelve and lives in a foster home, but when her living arrangement is disrupted, she is sent to the home of Mr. Russell, a painter who lives in a rundown farmhouse. She’s always been on a quest to find the true meaning of home, but little does she know that the easel she finds in Mr. Russell’s attic could hold the key that unlocks her world and her heart. She is an artist, so she tries out this magical easel and is propelled into adventures that capture her imagination. 

The imagination of young readers will also be captured, as Weber creates chapter after chapter of exciting discoveries and experiences, like rainbow butterflies, a tricky leprechaun, a trip to the rainforest, and the mysterious cellar that holds a shocking secret. Young readers will find maturity and depth in this well-told tale of making costly mistakes and hard choices. The characters Weber creates are unique and relatable, with a plot containing conflict and emotion that will reach the heart of reading audiences.

I like that the author respects young readers this way, and doesn’t shy away from tough issues, trusting that her audience can handle the circumstances. She doesn’t write down to her audience. The combination of art and home makes for a strong backdrop to the story, but it’s the character of Nova that brings life and meaning to the plot. I like her enthusiasm for life and her curiosity. Mr. Russell is a great character as well.

The character arcs are perfect, and it was good to see how Nova grew as a person through the circumstances and characters she encountered. The writing is lyrical, and the style has a certain literary feel to it. This is one of those wonderful books that adults will enjoy as much as children. If you like books about art, longing to belong, and finding family, you will love “The Painter’s Butterflyā€¯ by Rebecca Weber.

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