“The Pact” by Amanda West Lewis

“The Pact” by Amanda West Lewis 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Amanda West Lewis
Red Deer Press (2016)
ISBN 9780889955448
Reviewed by Chris Kyle (Age 16) for Reader Views (04/17)

“The Pact” by Amanda West Lewis is about a German boy growing up in the time era of World War II and having to live through that rough time. His parents send him off to the gymnasium where he learns that the Aryans are above all others and he is to worship Hitler, but is too young for Hitler’s youth.

Amanda West Lewis was very successful in carrying out the purpose of this publication as it gave a very intriguing viewpoint about the World War II time period, the time when Hitler was the superior to all and many people died because of him. Peter, the boy, grows up thinking Hitler is basically a God of all things but then later finds out that his ruler was the murderer of many. The author writes very well. I always stayed focused on her words and the plot of the story and it made me feel like I could know everything about Peter.

The book could generally be for ages 14 and up, as it goes into what World War II is all about and that is primarily the age one typically learns about the subject. If the reader is interested in historical fiction, they should definitely read it as it was a great eye-opening read to a critical period in world history. My favorite part is when Peter finally escaped what he was a part of and got out of that as soon as possible when Hitler reigned.

I highly recommend “The Pact” by Amanda West Lewis. I hope to see more work from this author, especially more about Peter, maybe even a sequel with a look into Peter’s future self and what he is doing when he is older after finding out such drastic things in his early life. I really enjoyed the book and love Lewis’ writing style.

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  • Hans Sinn

    Hi Chris, I am glad THE PACT, based on my experience of Hitler Germany, was of interest to you. For an insight into some of I have been doing since and what my partner Silke Reichrat and I are doing now, please look up the website of brookevalleyresearch.ca to which Amanda kindly left a reference on the last page 352 of THE PACT.

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