The Mystery of Journeys Crowne: An Adventure Drawing Game
K. Michael Crawford
VBW Publishing (2008)
ISBN 9780981794006
Reviewed by Zoltan Freedman (age 8) for Reader Views (08/10)

This is a hard book to review because it is not a regular story book. It is like an activity book and the story sort of happens a little bit on each page as you go through it. Each page has questions and spots in the book where you can draw your answers. Some the questions are riddles. Some let you draw things from your imagination. I like the imagination ones better because the riddles are usually hard. I like the imagination suggestions that it gives.

A riddle that I could answer was “Larva is just one of my names and what a beautiful insect I become when I spread my wings. Draw me.” One of the imagination questions was “Search deep within your mind and chime up with your own creature. Draw it.”

I think this book is okay (not great) for eight-year-olds because the drawing stuff is fun but some of the questions are hard.

I think that “The Mystery of Journeys Crowne” would be better if there was more to read in it. I would like more story and less activities. I think the story about Bazel (the explorer) trying to unlock a mystery would be a good story.

(Editor’s note:  The information attached to the book indicated the book was for 8 years and up. The reviewer is 8 and found the questions difficult.)

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