The Misty Forest by Stephanie LeMonde

The Misty Forest by Stephanie LeMonde 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The Misty Forest
Stephanie LeMonde
Bouncing Ball Books (2007)
ISBN 9781934138137
Reviewed by Brianne Plach (age 10) for Reader Views (6/08)


Do you like Dr. Doolittle? Dr. Doolittle is a very popular movie; there was an original movie, then a remake followed by at least two sequels. Don’t you wish you could talk to animals? You look at your pet dog and wish you knew what he was thinking. It would be much easier if he would just be able to put his feelings into words.

Come along and experience “The Misty Forest.” It will be a trip that you won’t soon forget. Running Deer is a young Indian boy who has a gift. Running Deer has discovered that he too can talk to the animals. Some of the animals give off the impression that they are fierce and could tear you apart in seconds. But inside of them is a softer side which Running Deer discovers. He makes new friends with the animals in the forest and has a lot of adventures with them.

I love Grumpy Bear. His grumpiness actually makes him seem cuter all the time. Is it possible that this grizzly could be as tame as your own teddy bear? It doesn’t matter if you are just a kid listening to the stories read to you or you are reading the book on your own, you are sure to learn some things about life in general that you didn’t know before. With each chapter being a story all on its own, you could read them one a night. But I’ll warn you that once you start experiencing “The Misty Forest,” you won’t want to put the book down until the very last page when you have met all the interesting characters there. I hope Stephanie LeMonde writes another book about talking to animals and their adventurous yet soft sides.

There is no need to be afraid of venturing into the forest, the animals in “The Misty Forest,” by Stephanie LeMonde’ will have you falling in love with them!

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