“The Magical Adventures of Quizzle and Pinky Palm” by Teresa Mae Waterland

“The Magical Adventures of Quizzle and Pinky Palm” by Teresa Mae Waterland 717 1024 Reader Views Kids

The Magical Adventures of Quizzle and Pinky Palm

Teresa Mae Waterland
FriesenPress (2023)
ISBN: 978-1039115361
Reviewed by Diana Coyle for Reader Views (11/2023)

In “The Magical Adventures of Quizzle and Pinky Palm,” a modern-day book of fairy tales by Teresa Mae Waterland, we become friends with varying characters that you can’t help but fall in love with. There is Quizzle, a feisty little fairy with spikey red hair. Pinky Palm is an everyanimal, meaning that he has the gift of seeing things from many perspectives, not just his own, and on most days he looks like a gopher wearing glasses. Another character is Auntie Hoolahoop, Quizzle’s aunt who loves looking for amethyst crystals she uses in her magic spells. Still another fun character is Mrs. Grupple, a huge yellow Labrador Retriever who loves being around her fairy and everyanimal friends. Still, she always seems to get herself into a bind or two because of her size. These main characters are unique in their way, but truly loyal friends to each other.

Every chapter in this engaging fairy tale book takes us on a new adventure with the group, each telling a story in which the readers are entertained from start to finish. As you read each story, you can’t help but fall in love with these quirky characters and I have to admit, I admired their loyalty to each other and fully believed these characters were real within this storybook.

In one chapter, “Auntie Hoolahoop Goes Missing,” we saw Quizzle, Pinky Palm, and friends helping Aunt Hoolahoop out by looking for amethyst crystals in the rock quarry so Auntie Hoolahoop could make more of her magical spells. Each type of crystal carried its special essence, and this was why Auntie Hoolahoop was amethyst hunting. But in the process, she got herself into some serious trouble, and Quizzle and her friends tried to save Auntie Hoolahoop in the end. I loved this story because you see all the characters coming together to make a plan to save Auntie and bring her home safely.

Another chapter I enjoyed reading about was, “Quizzle’s Flying Up Party,” which was like a birthday party, except it is so special it only happens once for a fairy. Quizzle’s friends and family all came to celebrate this huge milestone for her. But the whole time, she was so worried things would go so wrong that she would look like a fool in front of her loved ones. I had so much fun reading about this special milestone celebration because I felt that I was another one of the invited guests seeing everything firsthand while it happened. Ms. Waterland created such believable characters and backdrops, that I fully believed I was there among the fairies and everyanimals.

There were eleven chapters in total, all telling a different story for the readers to get lost in for a few minutes. What I really enjoyed was how the author showed not only the love between the different characters but also how everyone came together when needed and worked as a team to solve problems. I also enjoyed seeing how these close friends saw each other like extended family members. Plus, each chapter had not only colorful but also black and white pictures throughout the book which helped to illustrate certain parts of that chapter’s story. The creativity in these pictures provided by illustrator, Aletha Heyman, was amazing and it only enhanced my enjoyment of this book overall.

This book has the children’s age range of 7-11 years, but honestly, this adult reader enjoyed this book as much as a child would. I think this would make a great book to read out loud to the children in your life, allowing readers of all ages to get lost in Ms. Waterland’s world. Well done!

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