The Magic Thief: Lost By Sarah Prineas

The Magic Thief: Lost By Sarah Prineas 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The Magic Thief: Lost
Sarah Prineas
HarperCollins (2010)
ISBN 9780061375927
Reviewed by Ben Weldon (age 12) for Reader Views (06/10)

“The Magic Thief: Lost” by Sarah Prineas is the story of Conn, a gutter boy who became a wizard’s apprentice.  When his locus magicalicus (a very special stone that allowed him to contact the magic) was destroyed by evil forces he was forced to resort to illegal pyrotechnics in order to remain in contact with the magic.  He then tried to keep his pyrotechnics a secret but when he completely leveled the house that he shared with his wizard, Nevery Flinglas, he got in BIG trouble.  Now exiled for his dabbling in the pyrotechnic forces, he might just hold a vital piece of information about mysterious Shadows that have been appearing in the city.  Can he stop the Shadows before it is too late and the city and all of its inhabitants are destroyed?

When mysterious Shadows start showing up in the city of Wellmet and turning people to stone, Conn wanted to find out what was happening.  When Conn’s friend Benett was turned to stone by a Shadow, Conn and Nevery blasted a Shadow with a light spell.  They then found an eye made of darksilver.  Conn soon found out that the Shadows were coming from a city called Desh.  Can Conn find the villain behind the Shadows before it is too late?

Conn was a fun character to read about because he was always doing interesting things and you wanted to find out what was going to happen next.  He was determined and adventurous and always tried to do the right thing no matter how hard.  He had to travel through very tough terrain to save his city.  He kept going almost no matter what odds.  Are his impressive traits enough to help him save his city in time?

I would recommend “The Magic Thief: Lost” to people who like action, adventure, and magic.  It is the second book in a series and even if you have not read the first one you can still just pick it up and read it.  It is very fast paced for a three-hundred-ninety page book and I finished it the day after I started it.


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