“The Magic Snow Globe” by Veronica Taylor

“The Magic Snow Globe” by Veronica Taylor 640 1024 Reader Views Kids

The Magic Snow Globe

Veronica Taylor
Archway Publishing (2023)
ISBN: 978-1665729888
Reviewed by Grady Darrell, Age 10, for Reader Views (07/2023)

Blaire and Jake Parker have just moved to Los Angeles, and aren’t exactly happy about it. A few days later on a trip to the mall, Jake spots a snow globe, except it’s missing something: snow! Intrigued, Jake buys it, takes it home, and sets it on his shelf. Later that night, it starts to glow! Just as Blaire, Jake’s sister, pokes her head in, the strange orb teleports them to a faraway planet similar to Earth, but with one outrageous difference: SUGAR is the dominant species.

On the verge of panic, they are saved by a human girl named Molly who finds them, and after hearing their predicament, vows to help them get home. Their journey takes them through a world of strange and fascinating islands where they discover marvels ranging from teleporting candy to ice monster pilots!

In “The Magic Snow Globe,” Veronica Taylor creates a world that brings the dreams of every kid to reality, giving life to a story full of adventure and excitement, which is a tremendous accomplishment, and all the more so because she’s in middle school. All things considered, “The Magic Snow Globe” is a remarkable book.

As a young author, there are a few areas that I think she could improve: the first being her consistency in her character development. Some of the characters are well-developed, but others, like Mike, the monster pilot, could be developed further as he appears without much of a backstory, making it hard to understand why he does the things he does. Second, the story feels rushed. Blaire, Jake, and Molly make their way across the sugarverse rapidly, without spending much time in any one place. This gives the book a rushed feeling that at times makes it harder to settle into the story. I think that we’d have a better sense of the sugar world Taylor has created if the team spent a little more time in each place, which would allow us to get a better understanding of the characters and their situations.

Molly is a really relatable character and one who shows Taylor at her best. She acts as a kind of guide and companion to people in a world that’s new and confusing to them, helping them to understand the world around them. Not only is this helpful, but it’s a great example for young readers, showing us how we can act as friends and helpers to new students in our schools, like I always try to do.

In conclusion, “The Magic Snow Globe” is an amazing accomplishment for a middle schooler, a lively book accessible to all, and a great read that I would recommend to readers aged twelve and below. If you like sugar and stories, you’ll enjoy this book!


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