The Little Moon Princess by YJ Lee

The Little Moon Princess by YJ Lee 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The Little Moon Princess
YJ Lee
HarperCollins (2010)
ISBN 9780061547362
Reviewed by Grace (age 5) and Ella (age 4) Gleichner and Mom for Reader Views (12/09)


The Little Moon Princess sits alone in the sky, surrounded by a field of sparkling jewels.

Grace: “How pretty is that – not only does she wear jewels but they are all around her.”

Ella: “They sparkle like your rings mommy!”

One day she is visited by a sparrow.  She tells the sparrow that even though she is a princess, she still gets scared in the dark sometimes.

Ella: “I’m not scared of the dark because I have a nightlight.  I don’t want her to be scared.”

The princess gets an idea.  Maybe she can take the jewels that are around her and make them light up the sky.  This way there will always be twinkling lights and she won’t have to be scared anymore.

Grace: “Just like the stars, that’s why she is The Little Moon Princess, right mom?”

She tries many different techniques but realizes that the best way is to wave her cape up and down.  When she does this the jewels scatter and spread through space, filling even the darkest corner.  The Milky Way is formed when the sparrow returns, carrying stardust on his wings.

My daughters loved “The Little Moon Princess” by YJ Lee because they were really able to relate to it.  It was such a unique take on how and why the stars are in the sky.  I really enjoyed it as well!

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