The Little Black Fish by Samad Beh-Rang

The Little Black Fish by Samad Beh-Rang 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The Little Black Fish
Samad Beh-Rang
AuthorHouse (2008)
ISBN 9781438913995
Reviewed by Sam Hartman (age 10) for Reader Views (9/09)


“The Little Black Fish” was a mellow fable by Samad Beh-Rang.  It had a really important moral about the search for the deeper meaning of life.  The author uses a courageous Little Black Fish to get a message to you, like God uses prophets to get messages to people.  The story is set in a brook, a stream, a river and an ocean.

The story was designed to help you understand the moral.  This story starts in a small brook where the main character, Little Black Fish, overhears some old fish talking about their aimless lives. They thought they were aimless because they were always in the same brook swimming around and following the same routine day in and day out.  Little Black Fish decides to leave the brook to find more meaning to life.  When Little Black Fish leaves the brook, he lands in a small stream.  Along his trip to the ocean, he meets many creatures and realizes there is always more.  Along his way he spreads his message that there is more to life than their little part of the world and their routine. To find out about his adventures, read the book!

This story was short, but very complicated.  This book is for ages 8 to 80.  Young children would enjoy the story and the amazing pictures and older children would learn lots of lessons from it.  I learned that I should look for different things in life and break my routine.  In closing, please read “The Little Black Fish” by Samad Beh-Rang and spread the news!


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