“The Light Keeper” by Christina Wallace

“The Light Keeper” by Christina Wallace 313 500 Reader Views Kids

The Light Keeper

Christina Wallace
Independently Published (2023)
ISBN:  978-1960471017
Reviewed by Stephanie Elizabeth Long for Reader Views (12/2023)

A young boy must face his fears and prepare to do whatever it takes to save his town from destruction. Let Isaac Hale take you on a fantastic journey of good versus evil in this absorbing tale by Christina Wallace, “The Light Keeper.”

While cleaning the attic to earn extra money, Isaac comes across his grandfather’s old belongings. Rummaging through layers of dust, he unearths a locked green trunk. Curiosity gets the best of him, and Isaac searches for the key. When he opens the lid, a world of magic is unleashed. Faeries, trapped in colored glass orbs, are waiting to fulfill Isaac’s wishes! Each faerie has the capacity to carry out three tasks for the boy, and then they are set free. Isaac has the faeries do things like complete his chores, do his homework, and ace an exam. He relishes this new power, but the seventh grader quickly learns everything comes at a price.

Strange things are happening in town. The more faeries Isaac frees, the more chaos ensues—there’s an angry wolf on the prowl and mischief at school. The faeries are up to no good— taking pleasure in wreaking havoc on the town and carrying out a sinister plan. Moreover, Isaac has been having strange dreams where he is trapped and in danger, and he thinks it is connected to the faeries. When he teams up with the peculiar neighbor girl, Yara, he learns he has a great responsibility, and the fate of his community rests heavily on his shoulders!

“The Light Keeper” by Christina Wallace is the first of two books in The Light Keeper series that takes young readers on an exciting adventure. A propulsive storyline bolstered by magic and whimsical creatures will immerse fantasy enthusiasts. Setting these faeries free means Isaac is in for the fight of his life. Isaac must face many obstacles, from outwitting an angry troll to challenging a creature who can control his thoughts. While he starts as a regular seventh-grader who enjoys playing video games in his spare time, he quickly evolves into a courageous Light Keeper who must fight for the greater good of humanity.

I enjoyed how the novel explored themes of morality. Suddenly, Isaac is getting life handed to him on a silver platter. He has more free time to play video games and hang out with friends when the faeries take on his chores. But he must decide if it is worth the misfortune the faeries thrust upon the community. His happiness at the cost of someone else’s—does that align with his moral compass? Isaac undoubtedly struggles with this conundrum.

Moreover, I enjoyed the emphasis on taking responsibility for one’s choices. Isaac knew his actions had exposed a wickedness that couldn’t be contained, and he was the only one who could fix it. Despite being entirely unprepared for battling dastardly faeries, he would give it his all. This brave protagonist will inspire young readers to face their fears and be their own heroes.

Calling all fantasy lovers—an epic tale of magic and adventure awaits!

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