The Legend of Darien: A Hero Rises by Lauren C. Mayher

The Legend of Darien: A Hero Rises by Lauren C. Mayher 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The Legend of Darien: A Hero Rises
Lauren C. Mayher
Blue Eyed Mayhem Publishing (2008)
ISBN 9780979454509
Reviewed by Emily Judah (age 13) for Reader Views (2/08)


“The Legend of Darien” was a fantastic book!  I loved every minute of reading it!  When I received it I started reading and couldn’t stop!  Ms. Lauren Mayher is an awesome author that knows how to catch the reader’s attention from the first paragraph.

Seventeen-year-old Prince Aernon knows nothing but luxury.  He is the second son of King Gronte, Ruler of Hemlon.  Because Aernon is second-in-line to the throne he has nothing to worry about, and he mostly spends his days sparring with his brother, hanging out with princes and princesses, and talking with his bodyguard, Maxwell.  Little does he know that he is not the real Prince Aernon, but actually Darien the Dragonslayer.  He was switched at birth with the real Prince Aernon, the Usurper.  The reason being is that Darien the Dragonslayer has to be killed when he is 18 to fulfill a prophecy created by one of the three makers of Hemelon.  So he knows nothing about how special his 18th birthday is.  And, instead ofdying like he is supposed to, he will start an amazing journey to turn the tide of destiny and save his beloved kingdom from peril.

The rest of the book is about Darien’s amazing journey to fulfill his destiny as Dragonslayer.  With the help of the castle gardener and an ancient knight, he will slay his first dragon, gain Darien the Dragonslayers armor, and he will learn to give up his luxuries, and help save his people.  I thought “The Legend of Darien: A Hero Rises” was a great book!  I hope you like it too!

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