TheLambTheTruckAndTheLittleBlueHouseThe Lamb, the Truck, and the Little Blue House

Mary Maude Mayer
Outskirts Press (2018)
ISBN 9781977200365
Reviewed by Alyvia (age 10) for Reader Views Kids (12/18)

Living on a farm can be fun at times, but there is also a lot of hard work and rules you have to follow. In the story, “The Lamb, the Truck, and the Little Blue House” by Mary Maude Mayer, that is exactly what Michael and Maudie will find out.

Michael and Maudie’s mother had to take their older sister to school because she had missed the bus. They were both given instructions not to leave the house when she was gone, because of the snakes under the house and it was too wet outside for them to play. Both of the kids wanted to play outside, and when they spotted their yellow truck, they decided to disobey their mother. This caused a really big problem that they did not expect.

I always thought it would be great to live on a farm. I love animals so that would be my favorite part of being on a farm. It would be fun taking care of a baby lamb like the kids took turns doing in this story. I liked all the pictures in the book as they helped you understand what was happening as you were reading.

When the kids went out into the yard to get the yellow truck they had been searching for, it was funny when the little lamb ran at them and knocked them both down. I think at that point they wished they had listened to their mother.

I think my favorite character was the lamb, it was just a baby and so cute. It would be really cozy to live in a farmhouse, but I could see how the kids could get bored and want to play outside all the time.

I recommend, “The Lamb, the Truck, and the Little Blue House” by Mary Maude Mayer as a great story with a thoughtful lesson for both girls and boys.


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