“The Knight Chronicles: Guardians of Magic” by J.A. Muscat

“The Knight Chronicles: Guardians of Magic” by J.A. Muscat 683 1024 Reader Views Kids

The Knight Chronicles: Guardians of Magic

J. A. Muscat
Independently Published (2023)
ISBN: 978-0645853216
Reviewed by Kathy Stickles for Reader Views (09/2023)

The Knight Chronicles: Guardians of Magic” is a delightful start to this new series from J. A. Muscat. I think that this book is a great beginning to what will be a new set of stories for young readers and teens who enjoy reading fantasy stories about a new magical world. The author has done a good job of creating a new group of characters (think Harry Potter world but different) who need to learn how to control their powers as they travel through time and attempt to save the world.

In The Knight Chronicles: Guardians of Magic” we are introduced to Jack and Suzie Knight, twins who are just learning about the history of their family and its place in the magical world, as they celebrate their 13th birthday. Imagine becoming a teenager, finding out you possess special powers, and that you come from a long line of people with amazing magical powers all in the same week.

As the story opens, readers, along with Jack and Suzie, learn about the family’s past from their grandparents who have their own magical powers. As they try to absorb all this new information they learn additional information that astounds them.  Such as the fact that their father was magic and may not be dead, as they have believed for the past few years.  He may be out there in a different realm waiting for their help to return. The lives of these two youngsters are changed forever with this new knowledge.

While their mother Helen tries to keep the family’s background from her children in the hopes of protecting them from a horrible fate, her husband’s parents Grandpa Bill and Grandma Mabel think it is time for the truth to come out. They know that these children may have inherited the supernatural abilities that run in the family, and they need to be prepared for what is about to happen in their lives.

While the two sides of the family try to decide what is best for the children, a secretive being called The Grey Wolf enters the picture, sending the children riddles and clues to describe the quests that they must undertake. As it becomes clear to the children and their mother that there is no way to avoid their fate, this group finds themselves immersed in a new life. Filled with magic, strange journeys, and huge risks, they try to complete their quests and their training while adjusting to their new lives. With the help of a fabulous supernatural bird named Phebe and a brave ghost named John, the group sets out to discover what the future will hold for them.

“Guardians of Magic” is a fun story that combines all the best parts of a fantasy story… lots of adventure, fear, and confusion with the best parts of a family story.  Readers see the different personalities of each of the members and the feelings that they have about what is happening around them.

Each of the characters in the story is well-written and very enjoyable. From the twins trying to grasp what is happening to them…to a mother who wants only to protect her children…to a spirit who wants to find his own way and reconnect with his soul so he can move on. Each of the characters tells their own story as they become a huge part of the overall plot of the book. The storyline is very enjoyable and the humor that is thrown into the book, especially from Grandpa Bill and Grandma Mabel, is simply wonderful, making this read even more fun.

I enjoyed “The Knight Chronicles: Guardians of Magic-Book One” very much and I think that it is perfect for any teen who enjoys a good fantasy story. With an ending that raises even more questions, we can be assured that the series will continue and become only more exciting as it progresses. This book is a lovely beginning and, even though I am not even close to being the author’s target age anymore, I am really looking forward to the next book and finding out what is in store for the Knight family.

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