“The Island Rescue” by Minda Gomez

“The Island Rescue” by Minda Gomez 683 1024 Reader Views Kids

The Island Rescue

Minda Gomez
MoGo Multimedia (2023)
ISBN: 979-8985316186
Reviewed by Megan Weiss for Reader Views (09/2023)

“The Island Rescue” by Minda Gomez is the third book in the Martinez Kids Adventures series for early and young readers (ages 4-12).  Siblings Rico, Diego, and Araceli are looking forward to spending their spring break having more adventures in virtual reality.  When their neighbor, Don Toño, tells them that he is working on an upgrade for their glasses, which he invented, they are more excited than ever!  There is still some work to be done, however, so he asks that they give him their glasses for just a little while until the new upgrade is ready.  But when his wife, Doña Rosa, falls and injures herself in their shed, Rico, Diego, and Araceli have to embark on a new virtual reality expedition despite Don Toño’s requests that they stay offline.  Together, they will meet new friends, encounter a few bullies, and best of all, learn about lots of new animals while exploring a brand-new place!

“The Island Rescue” was fun to read even as an adult.  The book appears to be geared toward an audience of young readers, mostly between the ages of six and ten, depending on reading levels.  In the book, young audience members not only get to learn about the unique animals and terrain of the Galapagos Islands, but also the values of teamwork, supporting friends in the face of bullies, and courage can be found even in the most unfamiliar places. 

“The Island Rescue” is a book I would have loved as a child.  Some children’s books can be written in a way that tries too hard to emulate a child’s voice.  The tone and language of this book, however, seemed entirely authentic.  The fun details about colors, sounds, and smells that the siblings experience give the story a sensory experience, which is something that endears not only young readers but readers of all ages in any book they might read. 

I also quite enjoyed the fact that a Spanish-English glossary was included at the beginning of the book, and the animal facts at the end.  I was quite a good Spanish student in high school, but alas, it has been too many years for me to remember most of what I learned!  Personally, I cannot quite remember that there were many books featuring foreign languages when I was a kid.  I can recall a few I might have read in middle school, and I remember that it was fascinating to me to learn words in a new language and can remember writing down all the little words and phrases I encountered.  I think it is important for young kids to be exposed to different languages, so “The Island Rescue” is a great book for introducing young readers to the Spanish language. 

Whether learning to read chapter books for the first time or reading together as a family, “The Island Rescue” by Minda Gomez is sure to be a fun reading experience!

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