The Human Body by Seymour Simon

The Human Body by Seymour Simon 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The Human Body
Seymour Simon
HarperCollins (2008)
ISBN 9780060555412
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 6) for Reader Views (9/08)


“The Human Body” by Seymour Simon is about how the body works. There was some really good information in the book, but the best part was definitely the pictures.

There are pictures on pretty much every page.  There is a neat colored x-ray of the skull.  There is a 2-page drawing of a see-through body where you can see all the blood vessels and organs.  There is a colored microscope image of the skin.  The picture makes the skin look so flakey but our skin really feels so smooth.  There is a super close-up of hair on someone’s upper lip.  The hairs look more like trees than hairs.  There are pictures of bone, muscles, lungs, hearts, blood cells, the trachea, bronchia, intestines, neurons, the brain, white blood cells attacking a virus, kidney, lymph glands, a super close-up of an egg being fertilized by a sperm, an embryo, DNA, chromosomes, rod and cone cells of the eye, a cross-section of the face, and the tongue.

I found some of the reading part a little bit boring (but my mom thought it was interesting), but I really liked looking at the pictures.  There were some pretty big words in this book.  I think lots of people would enjoy “The Human Body” by Seymour Simon, even grown-ups.

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