“The Habitat for Me” by Ray Butrum

“The Habitat for Me” by Ray Butrum 792 1024 Reader Views Kids

The Habitat for Me

Ray Butrum
Independently published (2023)
ISBN: 979-8863797823
Reviewed by Diana Coyle for Reader Views (01/2024)

In “Habitat for Me” by Ray Butrum, we are told the story of how one day a five-year-old girl tells her father that she is tired of where they are living, so she is going to move away by herself. Finding this humorous, her father asks how she will be able to take care of herself and where will she live. She explains that she has just learned about certain animals and all about the homes they live in, so she wants to live in one of those places with the animals. But after thinking more about it, she realizes the best place to live is right here with her father and mother.

The first thing that I really enjoyed about this story was the great lesson taught to children about specific animals such as wolves, deer, bees, and whales to name a few, and their unique habitats they all lived in. Presenting information like this allows the children to learn things without even realizing it. The author included a wide range of species so there were plenty of animals that the children could pick as their favorite. I feel this would be the perfect lead-in for a child to want to learn further information about a specific animal displayed in one or more of the illustrations.

Speaking of illustrations, I loved how they took up the full page, allowing children to be pulled even more into the story because they were so engaging to look at. The illustrator, Ada Abigael Aco, did such a fantastic job transporting the children into each of the illustrations as if they were right there seeing each animal in their own specific habitats. By having every single page display full illustrations, I feel this would delight any child reading this book or having this book read to them.

A few other things I would like to mention about this delightful book include that the author even incorporated a glossary of habitat names and described each habitat specifically. One example is: Desert – A place with hot dry land with few plants and very little rainfall. Plus, in addition to the glossary, I noticed there were a few blank pages at the end of the book which I think would be a perfect area for the children to draw animals and/or habitats of other animals not mentioned in the book.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book and looking at the full-page illustrations. While the book has been labeled Baby – 10 years as the reading age range, many 10-year-olds might find the story a bit childish for their tastes. Having said that, I had fun reviewing this children’s book and I would highly recommend it!

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