“The Greatest Wish” by Amanda Yoshida

“The Greatest Wish” by Amanda Yoshida 150 150 Reader Views Kids

thegreatestwishTHE GREATEST WISH

Amanda Yoshida
Mascot Books (2016)
ISBN 9781631778797
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 9) for Reader Views

“The Greatest Wish” by Amanda Yoshida is about a little boy that cannot figure out what he wants to be. He imagined being a giant dinosaur, or a horse, a bird or maybe even a rocket. He always found something that made him change his mind over and over. He read more books thinking he had missed something. There were so many things he wanted, and so much thinking to do, and he could never find an answer. Until he discovers what was the best thing for him to be.

I love this book very much, and I am sure my buddies from Pre-K and Kinder who I read to at school will love it too. The size of the book and letters are perfect for reading, and the pictures are great.

I just love it and can’t wait to share.

A note from Paola’s Mom:

As a mom and a Pre-K teacher, I always prefer the kind of book that there is more than one thing to achieve. This is one in which you have it all. Is a perfect sized book and wording for the kids to handle, the tabs with the numbers to pass the pages is very convenient. The pictures are cute and funny, as well as some of the words that are framed to reinforce. My favorite is the message of the story. It is so important at this age to send the right message that will stick with children, creating and motivating the excellent habit of reading. “The Greatest Wish” by Amanda Yoshida is a keeper.

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