The Greatest Snowman in the World! By Peter Hannan

The Greatest Snowman in the World! By Peter Hannan 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The Greatest Snowman in the World!
Peter Hannan
HarperCollins (2010)
ISBN 9780061284809
Reviewed by Madison Schlarman (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (09/10)

Charles, Elvis and Babs have discovered their yard has been turned into a winter wonderland!  What better to do with a winter wonderland than build the greatest snowman in the world!  The three friends set out to do just that!  After rolling their snowballs and stacking them high they discover the worst snowman, yet they are not discouraged!  By adding a little of this and a little of that with a ton of creativity, the friends achieve their goal!  The sun has a different plan though and soon the snowman is melting.  What follows is a hilarious effort to save the snowman and in the process they find the truly greatest snowman in the world!

Madison’s Thoughts:

“Pretty good!  They wanted to make a snowman, THE GREATEST SNOWMAN IN THE WORLD!  They went outside.  They rolled their balls bigger and bigger.  Look!  It’s weird looking!  He needed a carrot nose.  They used a stick.  They used grass for hair.  Why does he need a helmet?  They gave him antennae.  They thought he needed more eyeballs, more feet and more hands.  They worked and worked and worked and worked!  Now look at that snowman!  They used a hose for the nose!  He started melting and they tried to put him in the freezer.  They didn’t make it.  They cried ‘He melted!’  They got an idea!  Ice cream!  The greatest snowman in the world!”

Mom’s Thoughts:

This book was very creative.  I really enjoyed laughing with Madison during the duration of the book.  It was easy to get animated and read this with excitement and suspense.  The illustrations are vivid and colorful.  They are fun to look at and enjoy and are reminiscent of a cartoon.  This book was a great winter read.  It was exciting to prepare for the thought of snow and making a snowman!  It will bring out the child in you as well as the excitement and creativity in your child. “The Greatest Snowman in the World!” had a comical side to it that was refreshing to read.  We both laughed at many of the same parts throughout the book.  I would suggest the book for ages 4 -8 years in order to get the most of out of this wonderful children’s book.  I look forward to more from the author.  We all enjoyed reading “The Greatest Snowman in the World!”

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