The Great Willow by Michael Starr

The Great Willow by Michael Starr 150 150 Reader Views Kids

The Great Willow
Michael Starr
Homunculi Artists (2008)
ISBN 9780980177404
Reviewed by Matthew Feliciano (age 8) for Reader Views (7/08)


“The Great Willow” is about a wolf pup.  One day she wanted to have an adventure and so she asked Mama Wolf if she could go to the big farm house.  Mama Wolf said no because it’s forbidden to wolves.  Wolf Pup went anyways.  When she got there she saw a little creature; it was a duckling.  The two then set off to chase all their dreams.

In their adventure, Wolf Pup and Duckling make new friends on their way. The friends all helped them get to where they were going, which was to The Great Willow.  Duckling was afraid of water and at one point they had to cross a river.  The two friends, Beaver and Turtle, helped them across.  Wolf Pup got on top of Beaver and Duckling rode on Turtle to get across the water.

“The Great Willow” by Michael Starr is a good story for anybody who likes adventures.  This is a really good adventure book and the animal characters were fun.

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