“The Good Fortune” by Shawana Davenport

“The Good Fortune” by Shawana Davenport 342 347 Reader Views Kids

The Good Fortune

Shawana Davenport
Independently Published (2022)
ISBN: 979-8356429811
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (11/2023)

“The Good Fortune” by Shawana Davenport, is a fun adventure for children and grownups alike. Young Frannie and Willie like to visit their aunt, and she likes adventure as much as they do. This wise, fun aunt enjoys opening new experiences for them, and they certainly get what they want out of it when they sit down to play a game with her. This game stirs the fantasies of traveling to unique places but also shows readers the possibilities that can lie ahead in life, and the value of rewards. Come with Frannie and Willie as they discover themselves and the world through a fun activity at their aunt’s house.

Davenport knows how to stir the imagination because every page is filled with fun and wonder. Readers of this children’s picture book will also find a sense of humor, which children love, and the idea of using a board game is perfect because a family playing a game together can really promote togetherness, good conversations, and time for sharing.

A book like this begs to be shared with children, families, and older people because it shows older and younger generations bonding together and spending quality time. The illustrations are adorable and lively, which will encourage readers to be energetic as well. The characters in this family are relatable. The aunt even bakes pie.

This would be a great bedtime story or one to read together around the kitchen table. This little book has a lot of heart, and you will appreciate the messages about family, spending time with them, and doing fun things together. It’s definitely a family-oriented book. Sometimes in our culture, a certain group may be overlooked or under-appreciated, like senior citizens or young children. Well, this book goes a long way in helping bridge that gap.

It would be nice to see this book and others like it in children’s libraries and schools for story circle time. If you like children’s books that are both entertaining and have life lessons to share, “The Good Fortune” by Shawana Davenport, should be at the top of your reading list for children.

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