“The Girl and the Lock on Her Heart” by Lauren Lee

“The Girl and the Lock on Her Heart” by Lauren Lee 1024 1024 Reader Views Kids

The Girl and the Lock on Her Heart

Lauren Lee
Independently Published (2022)
ISBN: 979-8354859740
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (10/2023)

The word “love” is complicated; there is much that it encompasses, resulting in one person’s definition likely being the opposite of another. How individuals choose to seek love can also greatly vary, depending on past experiences or teaching by others. Love is so much of our lives that the ancient Greeks identified four forms of love – storge (kinship), philia (friendship), eros (romantic), and agape (divine). “The Girl and the Lock on Her Heart” by Lauren Lee presents a children’s story of a girl born with a lock around her heart, struggling with thoughts and emotions regarding love as she searches for the key to unlock her heart. However, finding the “right” kind of love takes the longest to comprehend. She utilizes help from a friend she meets along her journey, but even his advice isn’t fully understood immediately; not until learning from her experiences can she piece his words together to learn how to be truly happy.

“The Girl and the Lock on Her Heart” is multifaceted – it can be read and understood by children and adults through their different lenses and achieve an equal result. The overall theme is female empowerment, yet it’s equally applicable to all individuals due to the central theme being the art of self-love. It is more prevalent now than in past generations that judgment, comparisons, and uncertainty overrun people’s lives, tricking them into living for others instead of themselves.

The “girl” in the story demonstrates how loneliness and extreme want can cause a person to do things that might not feel authentic to themselves, all in pursuit of their true happiness, no matter how child or adult-like it may be. The “girl” sought love among others and within herself, dissecting the word “love” and how it could help her situation. When she finally realized she could find love within herself, the rest was a breeze in the clouds with lollipops and gumdrops.

“The Girl and the Lock on Her Heart” by Lauren Lee is simple yet complex; the perfect story for children and adults to read together or separately. The storyline allows for effortless enjoyment and more somber internal disputes. In our culture, our interactions with others seem to matter most, but when we learn that loving and being okay with ourselves is most important, we have better overall success. 

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