“The Ghost in the Garden” by Alisse Lee Goldenberg

“The Ghost in the Garden” by Alisse Lee Goldenberg 683 1024 Reader Views Kids

The Ghost in the Garden

Alisse Lee Goldenberg
Crimson Dragon Publishing (2024)
ISBN: 978-1944644451
Reviewed by Kathy Stickles for Reader Views (12/2023)

The Ghost in the Gardenis a wonderful young adult story by Alisse Lee Goldenberg that teaches many valuable lessons for young readers. Through the main character, we learn how to adjust to new situations even when we think it is impossible, how to find courage deep inside yourself even while shaking in your shoes, and most importantly how to solve a problem and make things right for everyone around you even when you believe you do not have the strength to do it. I really loved the story and think it should be a must-read.

The Ghost in the Gardenis the story of Sophie Madison, a 12-year-old girl who has moved from the city in which she lived her entire life to a small town in Ontario. While Sophie is able to find a couple of things she likes about her new house and new town, for the most part, she is miserable. Sophie misses her friends and her old apartment and is pretty sure that she will never fit in here. As Sophie explores her new house and her new bedroom, she has no idea about the mysteries and surprises that she is about to uncover.

Shortly after moving Sophie meets Fitzroy “Fitz” Thompson. As she and Fitz are forced by their parents to meet and hang out together, they find that a friendship is developing which helps them both. Fitz now has someone his own age to be around, and Sophie finds that there is at least one person in town that she can feel comfortable with. Sophie also meets Tabitha, a girl about Sophie’s age, who is hanging out in the beautiful garden behind Sophie’s new house. Tabitha seems nice but very strange and she disappears a lot and very quickly.

Then the strange and scary noises begin in Sophie’s closet and her fear takes over as she begins to suspect that her family’s new home is haunted. Can Sophie find her own bravery and the solution? Will Fitz help her? Is Tabitha trying to help or just trying to scare Sophie even more?  These are all great questions but for the answers, you will have to read the story.

The Ghost in the Gardenis a great book and very well-written. I loved all of the characters in the story and each one is well-developed and has a well-thought-out backstory that is perfect for their part in the book. Alisse Lee Goldenberg has given readers, young and old, a mesmerizing story full of twists and turns that are unexpected, to say the least, and her descriptive writing is perfect allowing the reader to feel as if they are actually sitting in the beautiful garden talking with Tabitha or lying under the covers in Sophie’s big bed trying to be brave and not cry or run as the noises begin every night.

The Ghost in the Gardenhas so many delightful things that make it a great story, I highly recommend it to everyone out there… young or old. It will scare you, make you a bit sad at times, and make you very happy the rest of the time as you see these relationships grow and change and you watch Sophie solve a very old mystery. The Ghost in the Gardenshould be on all school library shelves and is a must-read for everyone. I adored it. 5 Stars!!

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