“The Genie in the Pages” by Daniel Hart L’Ecuyer

“The Genie in the Pages” by Daniel Hart L’Ecuyer 1000 1000 Reader Views Kids

The Genie in the Pages   

Daniel Hart L’Ecuyer
Independently Published (2023)
ISBN:  979-8861444699
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (12/2023)

“The Genie in the Pages” by Daniel Hart L’Ecuyer is a magical tale of two young children, Rosie and her younger brother, Posy in their relentless search for a Genie.

Rosie and Posy have met all of their Uncles except one; Uncle Daniel, their mother’s older brother! They finally decided to ask their mother about him. Mom begins by informing her children that her brother had gotten ill, and subsequently passed on. But she added that her brother foresaw his illness, and had come up with an idea to eventually meet Rosie and Posy one day! They were astonished and wondered how this could be possible! Well, she explained, your Uncle Daniel decided to become a Genie! And they could one day meet him only in one place; in a particular book he would be hiding in! Eventually, the children began to read many books of all sorts, searching desperately to “meet Uncle Daniel.”

The “Genie in the Pages” is obviously a magical and adventurous tale for young readers, and older readers will find it charming indeed. The real meaning of this yarn is to introduce the fun of reading for young children, and as a tender guide for dealing with loss; masterfully done! I smiled as I read the book because the way it’s introduced is very smart and cunning (in a good way). In addition, the graphic illustrations by Mary Pat Kanaley are magnificent! Each is colorfully exhibited, and the vibrant colors greet the reader as you turn each page. The pictures pair perfectly with the story. And if you’re wondering if Rosie and Posy ever did find their Uncle Daniel, the Genie, well…you’ll just have to read the book!

Overall, “The Genie in the Pages” by Daniel Hart L’Ecuyer is easy to read for young children and would make a great gift. This world is magical, interesting, and a good place to be. I’m very happy I read this book. It’s a comforting reminder that the loved ones we have lost are never truly gone from our hearts.

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