Faiz Kermani
Troubador Publishing (2017)
ISBN 9781785899959
Reviewed by Willow Cramer (Age 8) for Reader Views Kids (10/17)

“The Frog Who Was Blue” by Faiz Kermani is about a frog named Biriwita who is blue.  He goes to Croak College and no one else likes him because they’re all green. The green frogs laugh at him and sing a very mean song. Then the blue frog saves the green frogs from a crocodile. The green frogs then love him and they sing a much nicer song to him after that.

I liked that Biriwita learned that no matter what color he is, he is special. The green frogs learned that no matter what color they or someone else is, they can still be friends with them. I think it’s cool that everyone in the story learned something.

I did not like that the green frogs made such fun of the blue frog, or that they didn’t learn to like him until after he saved them. What if he had never had the opportunity to save them? Would they ever have liked him?

There weren’t very many pictures in this book, but there were a lot of words. I don’t think the pictures always matched what the words said.

I would recommend “The Frog Who Was Blue” by Faiz Kermani to other kids so that they get the lesson in the book to learn to be friends with kids who are not the same color as them.

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