“The Four Worlds: Subversion” by Skyler Ramirez

“The Four Worlds: Subversion” by Skyler Ramirez 175 263 Reader Views Kids

The Four Worlds: Subversion

Skyler Ramirez
Independently Published (2023)
ISBN: 979-8378360024
Reviewed by Ephantus M for Reader Views (07/2023)

“The Four Worlds: Subversion” by Skyler Ramirez is the second installment in The Saga of The Four Worlds trilogy. It is a highly exciting and mind-bending text that presents well-scripted themes of perfidy, susceptibility, and risk. The read follows the journey of Jinny Ambrosa and Tyrus Tyne after their adrenalizing escape from the Council space to Earth.

Tyrus has been tasked by the joint chiefs of the Free Colonies Navy to issue a brief regarding an upcoming Council Navy forces’ invasion. The brief includes demonstrating some proposed upgrades to the navy’s ships and tactics, which he strongly believed would mitigate the advantages in tonnage and weaponry that the adversary had over theirs. Tyrus is, however, internally certain that there is a decent chance that all the warships the Four Worlds can field wouldn’t equal the numbers and tonnage that the Council can send. Readers may find themselves sympathizing with the government leaders’ insensitivity towards the threat level, particularly when it’s revealed that the villains plan to send an over-strength task force that will spy on exactly what the Four Worlds’ military forces look like, as well as the political situation.

This is a text that delves into the deepest corners of readers’ imaginations, by shifting their perspectives and thought processes through the creation of new settings and ideas. The riveting storyline, phenomenal writing, and story progression have been ably mixed to offer a thrilling ride, as readers get transported into fantastical universes. This sci-fi beautifully probes everything from the human experience to the future of humanity, particularly with the reporting of possible invasions by mainstream media, regarding aliens and other extraterrestrial beings.

“The Four Worlds: Subversion” by Skyler Ramirez is undoubtedly a sizeable book that displays an incredible portfolio of the author’s wit and careful thought. He has pulled true-to-life details and employed mastery to describe an exciting and perilous mission, which fans of ”The Four Worlds” series will love following. The read stands highly recommended for young minds who love space operas and adventures, as well as futuristic worlds.

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