“The Four Curious Bears” by Kelly Rosa

“The Four Curious Bears” by Kelly Rosa 1024 1024 Reader Views Kids

The Four Curious Bears

Kelly Rosa
Dalma, LLC (2021)
ISBN: 978-1736980330
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (08/2023)

A great big Momma Bear lived in the forest with her four aptly named cubs, Who, What, Why, and Where.  These cubs were curious.  Always asking questions like “Who wakes the sun?” “What makes the stars twinkle?” Why is the moon so full?” And “Where does it tinkle?”  These questions are always answered by the great big Momma Bear as they go about their days and nights.  Curiosity and adventure meant there was never a dull moment for the cubs’ Momma. 

In “The Four Curious Bears,” Kelly Rosa relates to every parent as she creates bear cubs with as much exuberance and inquisitive questions as any toddler or child I’ve ever encountered.  While their questions may seem silly, or cause their momma a few greying hairs, their curious natures are a wonder.  The essence of this fact of childhood is on full display through the rambunctiousness playing out across the pages.  As the questions fire in, and Momma Bear answers them quickly, “The Four Curious Bears” takes readers across the forest and sky as we see the answers to these silly questions play across the pages.

Illustrations by Martina Terzi show off the lighthearted nature of the moon going tinkle in the outhouse, the rooster waking up the sky, the stars shimmering with fairy dust, and the very hungry moon.  These naturally green and blue settings come alive with the yellows, purples, and oranges of the sky.  Of course, the lovable bears and cubs dance across the pages as well, with their flower crown, leaves in their hair, and various shaded brown fur.

This fun and enjoyable read had the kiddos pointing out the various spectacular scenes playing out across the page, from the animals to the foods, and the stars. They loved reading along as the bear cubs traversed across the forest floor.  Momma Bear remains ever patient, ever-present, and ever willing to answer her curious cubs’ questions, always right there beside her kiddos as they explore the wonders of nature.  This entertaining and explorative read from author Kelly Rosa sets a fun tone for bedtime as you wind your curious kids down for the night.

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